Formerly I was a graphic designer and sports photographer who started focussing on landscape photography a few years ago, with substantial success, I've been featured 5 times in Digital Camera Magazine, a worldwide publication based in the UK, most recently in their May issue with a 4 page feature article on my work.

I've been featured as well in Photolife, including the cover shot in November 08, Outdoor Photographer, Alternative Trends magazine, as well as YellowheadIt magazine. Digital Photographer Magazine has now chosen to use some of my shots for tutorials in their magazine. A design showcase in Photoshop User magazine in September 2010 was the most recent article in their publication. I've now been featured in the last 6 issues of Digital Photography Enthusiast, with the cover shot for issue 14 as well.

Altogether, I've been featured over 30 times in international photography magazines in the past 3 years.


I've also been finalist in several International Photography Contests including Travel Photographer of the Year and the Lucie Awards. But enough about that. Check my gallery and let my work do the talking.